There. Now for today…..

Happy November 1st! Happy Christmas music Inauguration day!   I was ready for Christmas music  a few weeks ago but everything was still so green! Now that we’ve had a proper fall I can hear the Christmas coming through!
  Today was a perfect Saturday. I’ve been cranky on Saturday lately. I get nervous about what I have to get done for Sunday. Joel is putting in long hours getting house projects done. I’ve been eyeballing my house as though I were going to move, but I’m not. Just throwing away and getting rid of. I’ve been thinking about making stock for awhile and finally went for it today, a vegetable stock. I used a recipe because I wanted to remember what I did. I bought some extra broccoli at the Corn Wagon to freeze. My very first trip to the Corn Wagon! Go ahead and laugh. I have no idea what or who supplies it . So the stock is stocking , the granola is baked and the broccoli frozen, extra kale picked and washed, ready to use and Joel finished the edges of the floor that used to be behind a wall. I played 39 of 107 Christmas song on my Kindle. Happy fall y’all!


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