Going to the Met via the Cinema and finding the Opera

In Spite of the love to sing, and even being referred to as an opera singer (when people aren’t used to loud singing without a mike), I have never developed an affinity for the opera. I have leaned more toward the recital or the oratorio. My first opera was when I was in the 8th grade, I think. At first the costumes and the dramatics are fun, but operas are long, and in a foreign language  it is easy for the non-focused to get bored. I went to another one as an adult in my 30’s. I couldn’t get my head away from my surroundings. My husband and I sat ‘up top’  and the radiators banged and banged. I was tired. It was long. We left at intermission. It was probably already 10:00 and our lives were pretty intense in those days. I haven’t a shred of remembrance of what it was.

I’m not very good at listening to Saturday afternoons live broadcast on the radio, either. But this magical thing has happened. A local theater broadcasts it. So I decided to give this another shot. The Pearl Fishers has one of my favorite duets in it, so that could be my foot into the door of this world. I actually went to a replay on Wednesday evening, but you can go watch it live on Saturday afternoon.

I was almost daunted by the snow forecast, as I drive a little tin can of a car and I hate driving in snow, but the forecast went sketchy, so I kept my resolve. I slid into my cozy theater seat and looked up to see musicians tuning and a crowd gathering inside the Metropolitan opera house and I thought , “Oh! This is the way to enjoy the opera!” It felt like like so much more behind the camera than less. We got all the interviews up close and personal, we went and watched people backstage. The focus stayed on the opera, without scanning the audience or the orchestra. On top of that, get this: there are subtitles. I do not have to sit in the dark wondering what the heck they are saying even if I do know the story. Even the fave duet was made even more beautiful by this. And if you didn’t know the story before you came , you certainly can follow along and not miss out! It was all wonderful, and I stayed plenty awake! oh yes, It started at 6:30 and ended at 9 with about half hour intermission. The Old Man was still awake when I got home. I told him getting him a ticket to the opera would be waste of money, but I think he would have liked at least most of it. The girl in the story was a little crazy.

So they did this at the beginning….


After that you have decided to stay. The sets were amazing. They had a boat gliding in on the water. There was a great use of the chorus. Nice to watch adults who have memorized their music! They had this rolling water light effects for a storm while they changed sets, and it was funny, because you couldn’t hear water but you could hear coughing in the audience!

Well, I’ve got a photo fail argument so no more pictures. They make more sense with text but I’ll probably just put them on Facebook.

Anyway, I am in.



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