The Lord of the Rings

  We went on a LOTR marathon this past week. It is the second time I have seen it and the first time must have been about 12 years ago. I have a very strong, impressionable visual memory so I  am cautious about what I watch. I refused to watch it in the theater. I was sitting in the computer lab at school one day ,minding own business while of a few of the teenage boys, who had once been my students, were discussing the movies. Then one turns to me and says, “You’ve seen the LOTR, haven’t you, Mrs. DiBernardo? ” I turned to them and said, “When I watch the LOTR, I am going to be safe at home with a clicker so I can fast forward anything I don’t want to watch.” The days came. We had snow days upon us and I watched it safe at home with clicker. Mostly I skipped through Orcs fighting…..again.
  For some reason, this last blizzard gave me an urge to watch it again. I don’t think we fast forwarded so much this time, if any, but volumes went up and Down! I hadn’t remembered other than the beginning and the end. I have to say this about it. It is profound , delightful, and….traumatizing. There is so much reality in this fantasy. There is warning of what happen when bury our heads in the sand and ignore the evil around us. There are messy relationships and strong, courageous ones.(sorry about repeat- can”t delete it) There are funny, great one-liners and lots of cliff-hanging.
The wars don’t bother me so much as the faces and guttural sounds. I have always thought that machine guns take all the fairness out of the fight. There is something about the abandon of rushing  in, come what may, that is admirable to watch. The emotion of it leaves me exhausted, and it is high emotion most of the time. The few times it cools off and there is a quiet moment it is a delight. A view into time where life is “normal” and peace reigns. The characters are beautiful and good-natured and the natural world prospers. It covers the scope from evil and betrayal to loyalty and deep, abiding love.
It may be another 10 years till I watch it again.


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