Waxing Political

I am going to get my little political discussion out of my system. You can read it or just scroll on. There are so many things that are being said that are frustrating to me, so you can listen, as in really listen, or go somewhere else.

I am frustrated by the barrage of comments posters that say, “If you don’t work for it, you shouldn’t get it.” I believe the Bible where it says, ‘If you don’t work, you don’t eat.’ But we are 50 years into a welfare system and to just pull a plug would be disastrous. When was the last time you employed someone who was unemployed? Do you know that if anyone  on the welfare system works at all they completely forfeit their benefits? They can’t go partial, it’s all or nothing. This shoots them in the back. And us. Do you make a contribution to the electric company when they ask so they can cover people who are in need? A lot of people I know can afford to educate their children but send them to public school for the government to do it, and this is public welfare. I know these are hot buttons. Just raising the issue. While I am on education I saw someone say, “So we are going to pay taxes for all the immature college students’ drinking parties??” The Sanders proposal is to fund Tuition, not Board. And when a candidate announces such things, as President, they never get entirely what they hope for. What if community colleges were free to people under a certain income level, for two years? A skill can be developed, maybe even a business begun. Can we start thinking like that instead of this polarizing rhetoric? And I’m speaking to people who name the name of Christ! I hear a lot of carrying on about Socialism. We’re already pretty socialistic. I can’t choose my internet company or garbage carrier, or if I want a garbage carrier. Bernie Sanders will not usher an era of Socialism. It’s here and has been here a while. I am not saying I whether I think it’s right or wrong, but the panic buttons that are being pushed are just plain wrong, brothers and sisters.

I also believe the Bible’s  teachings on how we treat the poor and the downtrodden. Several times I picked up the book Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois… and put it back down, because he was a Marxist. Finally I bought it and read it, because I was curious. I must say that capitalism never did anything for the ex-slave in America or the generations that followed. Maybe socialism is worse, but all I can say is there are plenty of people who will stick their shoe in other people’s faces and if the government will not rise to stem that, or those who do, it should be ashamed to hold its head in a world court. When I finished, I told my black pastor that white people have No Clue. We have No Clue in this country. Even if we experience derision from others now and then, the systemic de-humanizing the African -American in our culture is impossible for white people in the USof A to understand. That will always influence how we think about such things as welfare and law enforcement and education.It is one of the most moving books I have ever read. Highly recommend.

When  all this mess of economy exploded and we listened to so much rhetoric, OI thought,”Is there anyone in government office having an alternate income they can live on who is willing to give up their government income, for a season till things are balanced?’  I only heard of one, the current governor of Pennsylvania, my state. I voted for him mainly for that. I, a registered Republican and he a Democrat. Now we have Bernie Sanders who initiated his campaign by vowing not to run negative ads (Haven’t we had enough and don’t we have better ways to get real information?) and he never has, in all his campaigning? Does character count for Nothing in this election? It would seem so. We have a Republican who is ‘up front about being a Christian’ and doesn’t hesitate to shoot his rivals in the foot and  thinks we should vote for him because it would be so great to have a Christian in the Presidency. Well, surely not if he’s not going to act like one! What would be the point of that?? Stop reading the damn ads, and I mean that. Read something more lengthy. Listen to the candidates when they are given a chance to talk. Understand that a short interview never says much. Do they address the question being asked like they understand them? Are they belittling to the questioner? Leave the door open for surprises and don’t think they can’t mean what they just said.  And love your neighbor, even if they vote differently from you! Character is Always Important. There is a Proverb my mom had us memorize that goes like this. “Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it come the issues of life.” Okay, I’m done. See you at the voting booth, if I can stand it. (whew!)



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