Writing in the Now

  Sometimes coming up with a title helps me focus what to write about. Lately, in my own disciplines, I’ve been working on the Now. Maybe people my age or situation get the same question that high school or college graduates get. What will you do now? Meaning in the future. It’s a little bit scary of a question when it is asked of you but the asker is usually expressing interest . Am I using my time wisely? Am I making the the best of my abilities? Am I connecting with others in meaningful ways? Will I be sorry tomorrow if I don’t do this today? By now you identify with this OR you think I think too much.
  NOW, I’m with the Bailey boys, who are 11  and 12, ready to answer questions as best I can, making sure they have a plan and to settle the very rare squabble and make sure they unload the dishwasher before their mom gets home. We started the day with  a hike at the park, because the weather
Is so beautiful. I let them take the larger loop of the walk because they skim over ground I basically plod. They saw a deer. I saw a red wing blackbird. The flowering trees are in their glory. Now they are revved up to do their school work. Funny how fresh air has that affect. It’s a good time for me to write.
    Lately, we have been taking a break from our city church. It is about 8 years old and we have been involved from the beginning. We have grown to feel like it was more job list than church, so we’re trying to work our way through that. When visiting another church, we just have to get dressed, grab our Bibles and go. It is refreshing. So far we have only gone to churches that give us music, and we can sing every song that way instead of just standing there when you don’t know  the song. There must be a cure for that. And how do we stay involved in our church life without burning out. Those are the questions that grind around inside me. The first one is larger than I stated. I think I have  some answers but nobody is listening….yet. I hope this doesn’t sound like a tantrum.
   I think my downstairs needs fresh paint ,too. The  living area we did most of before we ran out of drywall and money. Now we just have to finish the rest and paint. Previously the downstairs had been all one color from front to back, but we don’t want the coral color all through the kitchen. I think I have it narrowed down and Joel likes the choice so I’ll get moving on that soon. I scrubbed the caked mildew off my back porch with vinegar. Not a hard job but a nasty one. Then I brushed it with boiled linseed oil and turpentine mix. The smell has lingered for days. It is crummy old wood. By the time we get plants on th  porch it will be okay And my conscience feels better.
     I’ve been tutoring a couple of other homeschoolers , too. We know each other well and look forward to it. I’ve been reading ‘Wheel on the School ‘ to them . I loaned it to Joel’s aunt and uncle a while ago and they read it and passed it all over Willow Valley! I think they are a couple of left brainers so I have to sharpen my left brain skills! The two I am with today I read ‘The Yearling’ to. It’s fun to do these journeys with another bunch.
     I got the respiratory virus twice, I think, that has gone around  with  vengeance. I’m not coughing and blowing all the time but I don’t feel like it has quite left. I still have that a wheezing

laugh and singing does not come easily. And I cough Hard when I cough. I succumbed to the Rootology ad. We’ll see how that goes. Started doing yoga again this week.
      I’m not quite used to the fact the weather is warm again. We’ve had a long streak of sunny days since soon after our April snow. It’s a bit of a wonder.


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