For Dinner Tonight

  It was fast food. I sauteed mushrooms and spinach in olive oil and butter. The Italian cookbook often gives that instruction and since I generally like the food out of that book, that’s what I did. If I had fresh garlic and onions , I probably would have put to that in too, but I’m out. So the dry stuff went on top of the eggs with the salt and pepper. I put in the eggs , put a lid on and turned it down to the 2 on my burner. The 1 is nearly useless. This was in the cast iron skillet. I made salad on our plates with young lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes, grated carrots, and tomatoes. Freshly grate parmesan cheese on any or all of it. Multigrain artisan bread toasted. No more than 10  minutes.
This was Mary Ellen inspired.
Anybody, I can’t figure our how to post a picture to just Cooking with Cousins.Did I mot do something I should have.? I can’t even find the option for saving a picture from FB to my Kindle so I can use it here. So here is the DEETS and on my regular FB is the PIC.
Happy Eating!


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