“You are interrupting,” I say to a young child who is eager to let out out her head things that are rapidly flying around. It happens a lot in a day. Sometimes a finger on the lips is sufficient, sometimes more is needed.  Yesterday I went to grab my lunch  out of the fridge and it wasn’t there. So I hastily packed a lunch that wasn’t as good and for which I had not allowed time. I tell my families not to break their necks getting to school on time and I had to preach it to myself. I hit all red lights getting out of town. I get a little before our starting time and a mother is waiting. She was more on the ball than me. I told her my lunch story  and then I realize I am not holding it. I check the car. No lunch. Ach. One child came in with a dinner plate sized fungus. Interruption. We ooooh and ahh. I bring out my shells I had collected the day before, thinking of them and all the looking it would give us. Day is thrown off course. They shared cheesy crackers, raisins and sliced turnips with me. I am bringing them banana muffins today. It was the second time Od forgotten my lunch!  Moms come for pickup and I tell my silly lunch story again. One mom had come from the grocery store and grabbed out a container of yogurt for me. I stood leaning against the back of my car, eating my yogurt and saw this imageand thought I’d take a picture…..only to find the weight in my via pocket was my gloves and not my phone. Thankful I was still at school, I unlocked and got my phone. And now you’re reading this. And seeing this. Color interrupted. Or is it intervened? Or interloped? Or….

Life is full of this. Unpredictable, unexpected. Embrace it. (Talking to myself)

The Spring version


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