Pumpkin stories

I just popped pumpkin pie into the oven. I wish I had some idea of how many I’ve made over my lifetime. I think the first one I made I was 11. It’s not a fun age to teach but I begged my mom to teach me how to make a pie. I am one of those messies on top of it. But she let me. Pumpkin it’s not too hard and I whipped whipped cream and put it on top and it was beautiful. I asked my mom if we could hide it because sometimes she had the desserts she made and surprised us at the end of the meal. But she said no and went in the other room. I make sure she wasn’t looking and I picked up the pie and scooted off to my bedroom with it. When I stopped moving, the whip cream did not, and it went sailing off The pie! I quickly decided it was not a moment to hide, and hollered for my mom. When she came in the room she said, “I saw you do that. ” 👀

Then there was the pie that was really beautiful and did not have any sugar in it. What a shock! But my granddaughter loved it and ate as much of it as she could! And then there was the pie I took to my daughters, carrying it in a box. I set the box on the floor in the kitchen. Later we let the one-year-old out of his chair to crawl around on the floor. We know now what we did not know then. He is a foodie! When his dad stepped into the kitchen for something he found a little boy having a regular pumpkin party!

One day before Thanksgiving we found Martha Stewart on TV and watched everything she did. She made this beautiful sweet potato pie and then she cut out from the pastry a vine to decorate it with. I thought, “I’m going to do that with my pumpkin pie.” And then she told us it would not work with pumpkin pie. And then she said what you do if you want it with pumpkin pie, was to make the pastry separately and bake it of course, and then put it on the pie when it is baked, otherwise it will sink to the bottom. I was so glad she added that because I would’ve had gunky pastry at the bottom of my pumpkin pie.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone


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