Yule’s come And Yule’s Gane

I have to make another blog post in December while there is still snow on my page. It seems like Christmas came so fast this year. I feel older in that sense, like can we just finished singing Christmas carols? I always have to think so hard about it and I just didn’t have time to this year. So we’ve done what we can and enjoyed it. We went to an 11 o’clock service on Christmas Eve for the first time in a long time. It was nice. It was long. We didn’t open presents when we got home like we used to with the kids. We are still fussing about what we’re going to get for each other. I just got done telling Joel he’s an all or nothing man. Either it’s perfect or he’s not interested. He threw back, “that’s a good way to cop out of getting a Christmas present.” I laughed. I think I’ve said that to him. He doesn’t say ‘cop out’ , at least not as much as I do! 

   Not long ago I saw that a leg of lamb at the grocery store was $80. I figured it would be a long time if ever I bought a lamb leg of lamb again. Then The grocery store  had a sale and I got one for $30. Counting it for Christmas dinner. We had our friends, Stan and Terry Morton, over for dinner and it was a cozy foursome. Hard to believe we’ve known them for nearly 20 years. I remember when we met. Joel and I served dinner at church on our 20th anniversary and I remember meeting them that night. And, Yep, this summer we will be married for 40 years. No wonder I feel old!ūüėŹ having the family Christmas tomorrow.

  I went to a concert with my concert going friend, Judy, at the beginning of the month. It was New York polyphony. Simply‚Ķ Lovely‚Ķ Singing. I have to get in at least one concert in a December and that was it.

I’m going to try a new project today. It looks simple enough to not botch it up. 

I was cleaning out my Google drive the other day and read a letter that I had written to my mother outlining my January projects last year and I didn’t do them! It was great inspiration to try and do them this year! And I have the stuff to do them!  I should lead a rich and full life if I just do all my undone projects for a year.

Well, I better get going while I have something going on me!

Signed, Musing Melinda 


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