Winter warmth

We have lived in our city house for nearly 9 years. I have griped Way too much about how hard it is to keep it warm in the winter. In April 2015, we found a way to start working toward installing a wood stove. We ended up renovating our living area. We painted a different color that we mixed ourselves, we reconfigured shelves, we painted a chimney and a tree, and rearranged the furniture. We used whatever freebie wood we could get.

    This year somebody tipped us off to some good supply of hardwood. Never thought I’d say it, but this house is toasty in the winter. Sometimes I even walk around in my bare feet! It feels like luxury. If you need a fire to sit by, you are welcome to ours. We are home in the evening more often than not. Feel free to bring a book or your knitting. The mugs and Tea are in good supply.


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