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You can read if it interests you but this particular post I am going to use as a record for this year’s garden. If you follow me, you will see the edits.

Last week I called my neighbor to ask if he has easy access to manure. He didn’t but he was bringing a truck home from work if I found some. When I called a mulch place to order mulch, I got a couple of possibilities. So when Neighbor Nick called me back, I was ready. He was readier. He took a chance stopping at a horse farm on the way home and the farmer scooped it in with his tractor! He came home, picked up is wife and me (and their baby) and we went to the garden with the Dump truck and Dumped it out! Aaaand they helped me rake it out! 

When Nick started to toss around the manure, I grinned and said I love watching a man work! Erin wasn’t sure she was getting a fair shake . She had an interview earlier that day and was still wearing a skirt. When she started tossing it around I said she was picturesque in different way!

That was last Friday. On Tuesday, the mulch was delivered. Yes, another dump truck, right at the edge of our plot. 

It’s the cheap kind. Cut fine, no dues or chemicals. 😀

Yesterday Joel got the tiller to the garden and tilled. And we planted Yukon gold potatoes. We like them. We leaned against the tires of the truck and ate hamburgers. It was breezy and a little chilly, with more chilly days to come. It’s a half and half garden. Half mine, half his. The potatoes are on his half.

Resting after planting tomatoe and squash beds. Shoveling, mulching and tucking them in against a few more cool days.  5/ 10/2017

Scaring the deer. We put up black netting but they need something about eye level.


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