Color Coordinated Gardening.

Years ago my husband read an article in a magazine called Color Coordinated Gardening . We went on a quest. I remember we spent a lot of money on just seeds! What stuck with us were the purple, yellow, and green beans. They are so pretty in a bowl together.

    Not quite so long ago we watched a documentary called the Botany of Desire.   It’s also a book. Potatoes originated in Peru and they come in all kinds of colors. What fascinated me was that the farmers wore the colors of their crops! I had always thought all those colors  in the seed catalog were hybridizations of the one true white potatoe!

   The Yukon Golds are up and running. The Adirondack Reds are cut loose and set. Them potatoes have traveled a good distance!

“A hill each of potatoes, radishes, lettuce, peas….”

I think he’s thinking about his grand dad.


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