Monday , Monday

I feel about as creative as my title , bit thought I’d at least check in and say ‘hi’! so you know I am still alive. Joel and I went to Uncle John’s funeral last week, We left Sunday and we stayed overnight at the Copelands and had what Aunt Rosemary called a nice leisurely (and filling, delicioso!!) breakfast. Amy came over, so we tried to “catch up” . I don’t think I had seen her since our wedding nearly 32 years ago. Then at the funeral Brad and Jason were there. They are shorties! Well Jason might be that same height as my Sam , but Brad sure isn’t any taller than Joel!Jason has really cute, ready-to-have-fun boys. The weather was totally miserable, but not as totally as at Dad’s. It wasn’t ice. The pastor from Snow Prairie did a very nice, sensitive job of it. He gave us some time to talk about John before he said his piece (would you call that  homily) . I think he used a passage from Revelation and then the Psalm that says “One thing I ask of that of thee…. that I may gaze upon the  beauty of your holiness ….”  You’d think I’d know it by heart. I had it taped to my desk for at least 3 years. Then we went to a delightful place for lunch in Coldwater. A friend of a friend of Sam Calhoun’s knew somebody. When Rosemary called them they said they closed at 2  but Rose mary urged them a little saying it would be a good sized group, they said they would stay open just for us. So we had a private lunch! It was a soup and sandwich place, but it was really good bread and homemade soup, really good. We took some pictures in there, too. I should have taken more and I haven’t unloaded anything yet! You know, unloaded out of the camera! It just kept right on raining. Joel and I stopped near Sandusky OH on Sunday night. the motel had an indoor pool that was 87 degrees. It was really nice. I usually get tired of swimming (I don’t know how to do much )  in about 15 or 20 minutes but we stayed in for 35 (I always time everything,,, besides I knew when I wanted to get going!) it felt so good to swim. It just seemed to rain harder and harder. Then my Amish friend called me asking me if I would take his wife to see her mother “since it was such a nice day”! I said make sure sure it stays that way until I get there! AS soon as we crossed Sideling Hill, the sun was out and everything was dry!! Imagine that!

I had invited ‘all the relatives’ for a little birthday party for Joel on Wednesday, just for fun. I made soup and German Chocolate cake from scratch! Thurday I went to Philadelphia to go to Ellis’ Spring program at school and Friday I started my garden at the Lancaster County Central Park. So……. Saturday I stained my porch and cleaned house. I finally figured out how to clean this laminate floor. I just used warm water and wiped it up as I went so it wouldn’t leafve water or smear marks. Any thing I put in the water makes it dull. I love clean floors. I think it is my favorite part of clean house. Well, it doesn’r soundlike I can get my Pandora up and running this morning. I need some kind of reliable sound system!

I’d better scoot so I can get soemthing done before it gets hot, hot, hot! Wish there  were a few degrees between 40 and 90!! I will get pictures up later, just not while it is still so nice outside!!!


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